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Brault Roofing is an industry leader and a force to be reckoned with in Canadian commercial, industrial, and institutional roofing. We’re a member of the Canadian Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA), the Quebec Master Roofers Association (QMRA), the New Brunswick Roofing Contractors Association (NBRCA) as well as the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), a worldwide excellence network, and contribute actively to the development of industry knowledge and best practices. We earned the 2017 Construire Award from the Quebec Construction Association (ACQ) for professionalism and execution quality as well as a Golden Helmet from GESTESS for our outstanding performance and track record in occupational health and safety.

A driver of progress in the Canadian commercial, industrial, and institutional roofing industry  

Brault Roofing emerged out of the dreams, determination, and dedication of Omer Brault in 1949. Not long after, it set up shop in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu’s industrial park and got to work on building a reputation for excellence that spread throughout the Montérégie Region and beyond to cover the entire province of Quebec.

In 1988 Fernand Brault capped off 22 years of ascending the corporate ladder by taking the reins of the business and diversifying the company’s operations. This allowed the company to efficiently take on the planning and construction, replacement, and repair of all types of roofs.

Marc Brault took over in 1995 and since then has been walking in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps as president and shareholder of this Canadian roofing powerhouse. Today with the backing of Serge Tahmazian, Executive Vice-President, Marc and his visionary partner are laying the groundwork for Canada-wide, coast-to-coast expansion.

Back in the 1990s, Brault Roofing was primarily a regional player, mainly active in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and neighbouring communities. All that changed with the turn of the millennium. The company started by bringing its skills and professionalism to the rest of the Montérégie region, then throughout the Montreal Metropolitan Area. It took hard work and commitment, but in the end the company was established all over the province.

Next up in the company’s expansion plan was the rapidly growing Maritimes market. The official launch of operations took place in 2018. There were no half-measures—Brault moved in with the full force of its accumulated know-how and experience, offering businesses and institutions in the region a whole new level of safety, quality, and service. The new hub consolidated Brault’s position in the Eastern Canadian roofing industry with the capacity to meet the current needs of its customers across Eastern Canada.

Also in 2018, Brault moved into its new head office, following on several years of remarkable growth. The new facilities combined state-of-the-art IT and communications with a spatial layout conducive to free interaction to optimize the productivity of in-house teams. All this to meet customers’ rising expectations more effectively than ever.

In 2019, the expansion in the Maritimes market continued by opening up facilities in both PEI and Nova Scotia, all this to continue to be able to serve the growing client base in the Maritimes.

Finally, in order to complete the celebration of its 70th anniversary, Brault Roofing announced the acquisition of Haggart Roofing in Ontario in 2019 where Joffre Perreault was named to oversee the Ontario operations for the group. This was an important milestone for Brault Roofing as it now consolidated the Eastern and Central Canada markets for the entire Group, being the first Roofing Contractor with solid establishments in the Quebec, Maritimes and now Ontario markets. This ensures that clients continue to obtain the exceptional service and quality workmanship that they have been accustomed to for over 70 years. More importantly, by having our own workforce in these markets, Brault Roofing  will be able to maintain its standards of excellence that are impossible to achieve by simply subcontracting work to others in these markets, like many competitors have opted to do.

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We at Brault Roofing are the partner our customers can count on to help them build sustainable communities. We are recognized for our expertise in planning and building green roofs and use recycled and recyclable materials when it makes sense to do so. Our meticulous and detailed work plans are designed to reduce project waste, and our careful maintenance services are available to all our customers to help extend the lifespan of their roofs so they can reduce their environmental footprint even further. So talk to us—we’ll proudly meet all your roofing needs, whatever they might be, professionally and enthusiastically.