Brault Roofing Now Consolidates Eastern and Central Canada

Toronto, November 20th, 2019 – In order to complete the celebration of its 70th anniversary, Brault Roofing is extremely excited to announce the acquisition of Haggart Roofing in Ontario, where Joffre Perreault will oversee our operations for the biggest roofing market in Canada. This acquisition now makes Brault Roofing the only roofing contractor to operate its own roofing operations for both Eastern and Central Canada, with solid establishments in Quebec, Maritimes and now Ontario. This will ensure that our clients continue to obtain the exceptional service and quality workmanship that they have been accustomed to for 70 years. More importantly, by having our own workforce, Brault Roofing will be able to maintain its standards of excellence that are impossible to achieve by simply subcontracting work to others in these markets, like many competitors have opted to do. This is a major step in our aggressive expansion plan that now consolidates the Eastern and Central Canada markets.

Ontario is the biggest roofing market in Canada, yet it is a market that desperately needs a new national player that will bring a fresh perspective to clients and stakeholders. Such a change can only come about from a major player in the industry that has actual field experience in different geographical markets and that do not merely use subcontractors to do their work. The Group already had a personal relationship with Haggart Roofing for 5 years but never moved on a potential opportunity for acquiring them as the need never really arose in the past and the owners of Haggart were not up for sale. 2019 was not only my Grandfather’s 70th anniversary since starting the business, it was also an exceptional year for growth where we consolidated our position in the Maritimes by opening both the PEI and Nova Scotia markets, to complement our current establishment in New-Brunswick. Now, in order to celebrate in true Brault fashion, we finish the celebrations by fully consolidating our position in Eastern and Central Canada by teaming up with a seasoned roofing veteran that is locally from the Ontario market.” stated Marc Brault, Brault Roofing Group’s President.

I have been working on roofs since I was 15 years old. After working for one of the major Ontario roofers for almost a decade, I decided to run my own roofing operations in Ontario and the Maritimes for nearly 20 years. However, it was time for me to fully come back home in Ontario and I couldn’t be more excited and hyped to be part of the Brault Roofing family. With the expertise that this group already has in the different Eastern Canada markets and now with myself joining the group, I truly believe that we have the deepest roofing knowledge and expertise in Eastern and Central Canada. No one even comes close to being able to serve our National Eastern and Central Canada clients with the depth that we can. Haggart Roofing is well known and very appreciated by their existing client base and we will make sure that they continue to be well served in the future. That is our promise and commitment to the previous owners. We have a great team on board that will be provided with many opportunities for personal growth and achievement as we continue to pursue our expansion plan in Ontario. We would also like to invite Ontario roofers looking for a fresh perspective and change to contact us as we will have a tremendous amount of roofing needs in Ontario going forward.” stated Joffre Perreault, Ontario Managing Partner of Haggart Roofing.